What is CBD?


I think you’ll agree with us when we say it’s REALLY hard to understand what CBD is without getting lost or overwhelmed with confusing words and scientific terminology.


We’re here to help you understand the ins and outs of CBD as clear as humanly possible. Meaning you’ll be a CBD expert in no time. Remember to follow the links to learn about the subject on a deeper level... Let's get started!

What is CBD

At the mention of CBD, it is very easy to become skeptical.

Why you ask?

This is because many times this is associated with Cannabis sativa, a weed known to put a person’s mind on high, and distorting one’s judgement, especially when smoked.


to many people, they would be a little bit hesitant towards using CBD as it comes from Cannabis. The side effect of cannabis is dreaded by many people, and the thought of using it can be frightening. Nonetheless, CBD is not what many people may think it to be. With a little bit of research, its benefits are very clear as opposed to the fear of the negative effects, which in fact do not exist.

Before we get into it, we need you to know some history behind the plant...

History and Origin of the Hemp Plant

Remember: Hemp and Marijuana come from the Cannabis Sativa plant, but the two are completely different! We will get to that later in the article.

Hemp is considered one of the oldest crops worldwide. Hemp has been cultivated for more than 10,000 years and has been used in textile production all over the world for about 3,000 years. The hemp plant can be used in a wide variety of ways. China produced textiles 5,000 years ago, and paper from it about 2,000 years ago. Many artists already appreciated hemp paper, but hemp has another meaning: it is an optimal remedy for hypertension.

Hemp is regarded as a very popular product, 

which is mainly used in the production of yarns and jeans. Especially jeans are tear-resistant by hemp, but also soft and can be particularly comfortable to wear. Hemp is grown almost everywhere. Main growing areas are mainly regions with a subtropical climate.

Where did Hemp come from?

The hemp plant originally came from Central Asia, where it was also an important foodstuff about 10,000 years ago. The cannabis seeds were considered very nutritious and were also used in the medical field for the treatment of conditions such as rheumatism and malaria.


It has been found out that hemp can actually produce medicinal compounds called cannabinoids like CBD, that is very beneficial in a number of ways. 

What are Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are the compounds that are produced by two kinds of cannabis sativa plants, which are marijuana and hemp. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid, where research states that it does not get someone “high”.  Hallucinations are some of the effects of cannabis coming from the marijuana species, where THC levels are extremely high.

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Remember: THC is the compound with psychoactive effects! Not CBD.

Nonetheless, there is a lot of misconception about cannabidiol (CBD). Unlike other compounds found in cannabis, CBD does not produce effects that make someone feel “high”. However, it produces effects that help those who suffer from a variety of ailments, such as anxiety.

So what's this mean?

It shows that cannabidiol is a natural remedy that scientists advise that can be used in various common ailments. The marijuana plant produces over 104 compounds, where, among them is cannabidiol also known as CBD.

the problem is...

as discussed above, there are many compounds that are produced by the cannabis plant. But THC seems to be the only compound people are aware of. That being said...

What is THC?

The THC compound is the prime psychoactive compound that makes people feel “high”. Unlike THC...

CBD does not create the sensation of feeling “high” as discussed earlier. In fact, CBD acts as the complete opposite, it has a non-psychoactive effect which can be used to relieve pain to the user.

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Where does CBD come from?

Normally, CBD is made by extracting the compound from hemp due to it's high CBD profile, unlike the marijuana plant which has a higher percentage of THC. CBD is usually extracted using the CO2 extraction method. After extraction, the CBD is then diluted within a carrier oil such as hemp seed, coconut, and even MCT to make CBD oil.

Why are people changing their perception towards CBD now?!

People around the world are now changing their perception towards CBD because of the many benefits that comes from it. Medically, CBD oil is being used to relieve pain in many ailments such as anxiety to chronic pain. With this knowledge, many people are looking at cannabis with a different eye because of its medical value. 

So you must remember:

As discussed, cannabidiol is a natural compound found in the cannabis plant. Different communities have always used the herb for many years as a medicinal plant, until people began using it as a stimulant drug to make them feel high. Its properties as a drug made people abuse it while others developed negative perceptions about the plant.

Marijuana vs. Hemp

Marijuana is a plant that is banned in many countries, where people are not allowed even to grow the plant without authorization from the respective authorities this is because of it's high THC-content

Hemp on the other hand...

Hemp naturally contains very little THC, meaning it is legal in most parts of the world, and where it's not, the legal repercussions are minor. In the United States, the allowed THC-content for hemp to be classified as legal is 0.3%.

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Perhaps the question many people ask themselves is whether the plant is safe?

To remove this fear, scientists have spent considerable time testing the plant of any benefits beside the plant being used a drug. It is these researches that produced the existence of the CBD, a compound that has a lot of benefits to the body.

The good news here is..

This made the findings change people’s perceptions about the plant in that it is more beneficial than destructive as many people saw it. 

But wait, how does CBD react with our bodies?

According to scientists, the CBD interacts with the body in various ways:

Firstly, they are known to augment and mimic the effects of endogenous cannabinoids, a compound found in the human body. These similarities help in that the CBD enhances the endogenous cannabinoids in our bodies when they are either dysfunctional or not working well. These implications are in every area of the human body, meaning that CBD can be used in an unlimited number of ways in our bodies. 

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Uses of CBD in the Health Sector


Depression and anxiety are common health disorders that are believed to have disturbing effects on many people’s well-being and health.

For example,

Depression is believed to be the single most cause of disability worldwide.This shows how important the CBD oil is in the medical field. If the CBD oil can be produced in large quantities around the world, disability that is caused by depression can be reduced in great levels.

It is worth noting,

that CBD oil is a natural approach to medication, where it doesn’t have side effects like other medications that are used to treat depression and anxiety.

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Historically, marijuana has been used to relieve pain in patients. In the recent past, it has been found out that extracts of marijuana can be used to relieve pain. This includes CBD, which is the largest compound of hemp.

In a recent study,

It has been found out that CBD can be used to reduce chronic pain by reducing the inflammation that is caused by endocannabinoid receptor activity, which creates pain. This is a great finding because there are many people suffering with chronic pain, and CBD as a natural pain reliever is a good thing, especially knowing that unlike other medications it has not side effects.

Arthritis is another health condition that can cause a lot of pain in a patient. This condition can be devastating and prolonged even for many years. Some patients have had to bear its pain for the rest of their lives. This is because some people are afraid us other pain relievers because of the many side effects they contain.


CDB oil comes in as a perfect aid to patients with arthritis, because it can reduce pain without causing any side effects. There are many types of arthritis and CBD oil is able to relieve pain in all of them. It may not have the healing gent, but relieving pain is something patients are grateful for.

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Because of the food we eat, the contaminated environment, and some skin diseases. The human skin may develop acne, especially around the face. There are many medications that are used to address the condition, but they are not effective.

In fact,

some are believed to have side effects like headache or permanent black spots on the skin. 

That being said...

CBD oil has been tested to be very effective in eradicating acne without leaving traces of black spots and other side effects. Notably, CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing the production of sebum. This means that when one is using CBD oil, the skin will always be smooth because acne will not develop.

What does this mean exactly?

This means that the most effective way of dealing with acne is through CBD oil. As stated above, sebaceous gland cells produce sebum and at times the secretion of sebum might be in excess causing the skin to develop acne. Using CBD oil prevents the sebaceous glands from secreting excessive sebum. By dealing with the problem from the root, CBD oil makes sure that the skin will remain healthy without any acne. This remains a sure way that doctors advise to deal with acne, bearing in mind that it doesn’t leave any side effect.

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In as much as other compounds of marijuana has negative effects to the brain and the heart, CBD has positive benefits to the heart.

The first benefit:

is to lower blood pressure. It is worth noting that high blood pressure is associated with other conditions like heart attack, stroke, and metabolic syndrome. These are some of the most dangerous heart ailments that cause the heart to stop and death occurs. CBD is known to prevent high blood pressure.

Did you know?

Doctors prescribe CBD doses to patients because it helps in reducing high blood pressure. Here we can come to the argument that the elements that are used in reducing anxiety and stress are the same ones that help reduce high blood pressure.

On the other hand,

the stress reducing properties in the CBD is associated with reducing cell death and inflammation. It is important to note that cell inflammation and cell death lead to heart attack.

As it turns out..

CBD has very strong antioxidant elements, which as discussed earlier contains stress reducing properties. This is an excellent property because there are so many people in the world today who are suffering from high blood pressure and heart attack. With the use of CBD, deaths associated with high blood pressure and heart attack are reduced.


 It has been found that CBD contains the ability to act on the endocannabinoid system, including other signalling systems of the brain.

Because of these abilities,

it provides benefits for patients suffering from neurological disorders. Neurological disorders including multiple sclerosis. These diseases are known not to have any cure, but with CBD their effects in the body are reduced to the minimal. The results have been promising, especially when done on patients suffering from these conditions.

In the same breath,

there are people that suffer from  multiple sclerosis, whereby the use of CBD,  the properties therein hep in plummeting muscle spasticity. However, prescription of CBD to this condition is an oral spray of an emulsion that contains CBD. The emulsion can contain an added property to enhance the effects, but CBD has the largest effect of the condition. Nonetheless, doctors warn that the oral intake must be taken under strict adherence to the prescriptions.

Besides the issues outline above,

CBD has the ability to heal or prevent many other diseases that are common to man. Among the health benefits provide are,  antipsychotic effect. As discussed here, CBD has properties that have the ability to deal with mental problems. This includes schizophrenia, where it has the ability to reduce or minimize psychotic symptoms.

More so, because of the above ability,

CBD can be used to reduce substance abuse. This where CBD reduces heroin-seeking desire that is caused by morphine dependency in the brain.


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CBD oil as discussed here is a chemical compound that is found in the marijuana plant. It is a chemical compound that does not cause mental distortion, where people express that that they feel “high”. Nonetheless, CBD oil contains elements that are antioxidant in composition and can be used to detox a drug addict. As discussed, CBD is a compound that is being used widely across the world because of its natural elements that does not have side effects in a patient. Nonetheless, despite its positive accolades,CBD still receives resistance, especially in conservative countries who view products of marijuana as drugs that cause mental distortion.

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